We offer a full and comprehensive after sales service that's available to repair all kinds of uPVC windows and doors.
We also provide double glazed unit upgrades, repairs and retrofits.
Our team are available for complete lock replacements and door adjustments. All insurance works quoted for.

If the doors or windows on your property have been damaged, get in contact with A Gilligan Builders today.

Security Locks

We can provide security locks fitted on patios and sliding door units, replacement sliding rollers are fitted. We can also offer clients door adjustments and proper alignments.

Upgrade your lock barrels to Anti-Snap – prevention is better than a cure. Get a step ahead of the bad guy. Most of all the uPVC, aluminium and some timber doors up to 1 year ago were fitted with standard lock barrels. Call us for replacement door panels for uPVC doors. All panels are reinforced, full and half panels’, along with a wide selection of designs and colours.

Replace damaged panels or simply upgrade and revamp that worn-out and dated door appearance (reinforced panels available for most uPVC door systems).

For a free quote on upgrading your doors security, get in contact with Doors and Windows Repairs today.

Emergency Repairs

Our emergency repair service includes:

  • Emergency Double Glazed unit replacement

  • Lock Replacement Services

  • Temporary Board up Services

  • Patio Roller wheel replacements

  • Hinge replacements

  • Door and window handle replacements

  • Insurance Quotations

  • 24-hour call out service

Don’t let a damaged or frayed window compromise the security of your home. Have A Gilligan Builders’s expert team repair and replace any broken or damaged parts now.

Has damage to your windows or doors affected the security of your property? Then get in contact with A Gilligan Builders today.

Our Repairs

We offer a complete emergency and repair service for all uPVC and aluminium windows and doors. Double and single gazed units replaced, emergency board-up, estimates provided for insurance purposes, and all works carried out.

We also provide lock replacement for windows and doors, upgrade to shoot-bolt security systems where possible (PVC windows and doors only). Security tapes and bonds fitted on the ground floor or vulnerable double glazed units (prevents removal of glass on externally glazed windows).

For more information on our repair service, get in contact with Doors and Windows Repairs today.