A. Gilligan Builders design and create custom-built porches to the exact specifications of clients throughout Ireland.

Our porches are made using the very latest building techniques which prioritise quality craftsmanship and energy efficiency. Design a porch that perfectly suits your property with the help of our extensive range of available designs.


Brick Built Porches

Most Irish buildings are finished with a traditional exterior like red brick, render, or dashed finishes.
Our extensions match the traditional exterior of buildings, seamlessly blending the extension with the older part of the property.
We help clients find the right porch finish to blend with the unique aesthetic of their property.

For advice on the right finish for your porch extension, get in contact with A. Gilligan Builders today.


Completing a porch extension not only adds value to your home but also provides an extra layer of security for peace of mind.

A second door will give you a comfortable space when leaving or entering your home while enhancing the insulation and aesthetic value of the property. Improve the overall appearance of your building with A. Gilligan Builders.

For a free quote on a porch extension, get in contact with A. Gilligan Builders today.

Porch in Ballinteer Dublin 16

This porch extension was an addition to a family home in Ballinteer Dublin 16. The existing porch was in disrepair so we removed this structure and replaced it with an insulated timber structure with a Palladio composite security door. The new porch was constructed on an insulated concrete slab with a dry lined interior, low energy lighting inside and out, and completed with a Krend finish exterior.


Designed to complement this semi-detached home in Dublin 14, this porch extension under an existing canopy roof structure is a very affordable solution to draught-proofing your home. Along with adding a further layer of security for your property, a porch extension provides extra space when entering or leaving your home. This structure was fitted with white uPVC windows,  French door systems, and 28mm argon-gas filled safety double glazing. Our granite step solution gives this porch extension a little touch of class. 


This glass porch extension was constructed under an existing canopy roof structure. This conversion, built on an insulated concrete raft foundation, gave our customer 3 sq meters of floor area inside their home. We used a 2 Part Patio Sliding door coupled with 70 mm reinforced uPVC windows. 28 mm Argon gas-filled safety double glazed units were used in all windows and doors, creating a small sunroom experience and added security. We also replaced their inside timber door with a Palladio Security Composite Door. This conversion was completed in four days. This type of porch conversion is very popular with our customers and secures your home for a very reasonable investment. If your home has an existing canopy, this type of conversion will bring that space inside your home while also securing your home.

Porch Extension Drimnagh Dublin 12

This elegant brick porch extension is a beautiful addition to this semi-detached home in Drimnagh. This couple was looking for added security and insulation to their family home as well as a storage area for shoes and coats on entering their home. This design choice works very well for this home or any similar property. The existing interior  front door was removed to accommodate the extended hallway while low energy, sensor lighting was installed outside. This type of extension can be completed in around nine working days and is excellent value for a reasonable investment.

Porch Extension Swords County Dublin

This elegant porch extension at the entrance of a private home in Swords, Co. Dublin, is a beautiful addition to this family residence

Built on a reinforced raft foundation with steel supports, this porch boasts a 4ins cavity block structure and is dry-lined internally with a Monacuse-textured render external finish to match the existing 70mm white reinforced windows and 28mm Argon gas filled A-rated double glazing door. The timber roof structure is insulted with Guardian roof coverings and combined with white uPVC fascias, soffits, and rainwater goods. Tiling the floor was the customer's choice with low-energy down lights combined internally and externally with a timer. Completed in 10 days, this seamless porch extension will add security and insulation to this beautiful property. 

Porch Extension Tempelogue Dublin

This eloquent porch extension is a beautiful addition to this family home in Tempelogue. This design will work for any similar home, offering security and insulation whilst enhancing the overall appearance of your home.

Completed in 10 days with minimal disruption, this brick porch extension is built around steel framing with a white uPVC door and windows, A-rated double glazing, high-security locking, and a Guardian roof system on a timber structure. Low-energy down lights are installed in the interior and exterior with a paved granite step at the entrance and tiling into the hallway interior. Brick cladding to the lower level of the front of the home gives a natural and completed look to this fine home and porch extension.

Porch Conversion Rathfarnham

This patio sliding door and window arrangement under an existing canopy provides insulation and security to any home with a similar canopy arrangement.

Completed in three days with minimal disruption, this porch extension is extremely good value for money. For a small investment, the rewards are excellent.

Porch Extension Lucan County Dublin

This porch conversion in Lucan is another great example of a design choice that fits with this semi-detached home. This upgrade - from a dated aluminium glass porch with poor insulation and security values to a brick-built porch with Palladio Composite Doors and internally-glazed triple glazed 70mm rehau uPVC windows, offers ultimate security and insulation.
We insulated the existing canopy attic space in this build.  As a rule, these structures do not have insulation as they are outside the main house area. After this, we dry-lined all walls, completed a plaster finish, tiled the floor, and finished with low-energy down-lights as is standard with all our porch extensions and conversions. Again, this is a small investment for big savings.

Porch Extension Ashfield Blanchardstown Dublin 15

Porch conversions under existing canopies are a very sensible conversion to your home as it is more beneficial to have this space inside your home. If you are lucky enough to have this choice, you may consider one of the conversions similar to our conversion at this family home in Blanchardstown. 
We installed a light oak arrangement of 70mm Rehau uPVC triple glazed windows and French doors in this build. These aspects were designed around existing windows and all mounted on a brick cavity build to match the existing brick of the home. As well as this, we replaced the interior wooden door with a Palladio T.G door. Black on white coloured tiling was installed across the floor and we added low-energy lighting to finish. The final result is a seamless conversion offering high energy savings and complete security for a small investment.

Porch extension Ayrfield Dublin 13

This porch extension was constructed at a semi-detached family home in Ayrfield, Dublin 13. This is a brick and block cavity wall built with a dry lined interior and a fine plaster finish. The timber roof structure on this porch is fully insulated with Guardian coverings.

Black uPVC fascias, soffits, and rainwater goods with a triangular frame are installed above the door and side window of this porch. The original composite door in the home was removed and repositioned in the new build at customer’s request.  In this instance, saving in build cost and reusing a quality door made perfect sense. Windows are, again, triple glazed in black on white 70mm, Rehau sections for security- which comes with the choice of double or triple glazed units up to 40mm in thickness. Low-energy lighting systems are installed in all our porches by qualified registered electricians and this build was no different.

Porch Extension Templeogue Dublin 6

This elegant porch extension in Templeogue is a fine example of a design that works very well with this type of Family home. This design choice gives a very open and spacious feel to the entrance area of your home while adding security and heat retention values. We constructed this porch with brick pillars around a steel reinforcing framework. The timber roof structure was fully insulated, with guardian roof coverings. Anthracite grey on white uPVC windows and a door with an angular frame was placed above all triple glazed with argon gas filled 28mm units. The interior of this porch is dry-lined and plaster finished while being combined with low energy down lights, a timber floor structure with cement board, and tiled to finish .We fitted a Palladio composite security door internally in a Dublin design.

The brick theme was carried across the lower front of this family home with cladding to match the brick pillars. All windows to the front and rear of the property were replaced with Anthracite Grey on white triple glazed windows. The floors were replaced in all downstairs areas, while dry lining plasterworks were placed in the hallway and front room, and new ceilings were installed in the hallway and front room. A complete rewire of property was also carried out by our registered electrician. All works in this project were completed on schedule and within budget.


This Porch extension is a beautiful addition to this family home in Citywest Dublin, with brick structures installed to match existing brick, a guardian roof system installed, fully insulated walls installed, and an interior dry lined with additional insulation in the cavity installed. In regards to the windows on the property, we installed double glazed anthracite 70mm reinforced uPVC windows and a Palladio Composite security Door (Dublin Design) to provide this family with  heat insulation and high-end security. We also installed low energy down lights, tiled the floor, installed hardwood window boards, and installed skirting to match the existing design.


This is an example of another beautiful Porch extension added to a semidetached property in Dublin 15. This couple were looking for added security and a comfort area when entering and leaving their home, and so we designed and built this porch to suit their needs whilst also remaining mindful of design and finish.

This porch consists of a cavity-insulated build with a hipped lean-to roof and insulated  Guardian coverings. White uPVC double-glazed French doors and side windows are added to the property and we also replaced all front windows with 28 mm argon gas filled A-rated units throughout. We installed a Palladio composite door internally to add that extra security level. Following this, we dry lined and plaster finished the porch to make it ready for decorating with tile of customers choice and laid low energy down lighters with silver granite steps at the entrance. This extension and window replacement was completed in 10 days.

Porches In Lucan DUBLIN

This porch in Lucan was an addition to a modern two-storey dwelling. The client wanted more storage space at the front of their property. In conjunction with the client, we came to a decision on the right kind of finish to complement the existing property’s aesthetic.

White uPVC Double Glazed Security Windows with a French Door arrangement was fitted.
A solid roof with a Rosemary Roof Tile finish was also installed. A. Gilligan Builders also installed 2 down lighters in the ceiling. Externally we installed a double electrical socket for a lawnmower and Christmas lighting.

Porch extension Lucan Dublin

This Porch extension was completed at a semi-detached property in Lucan Dublin. This type of conversion was completed in 2 days. French doors with two side windows on an insulated slab were installed under the existing canopy. Double glazed safety units were installed into the roof space with angled bevelled glass and completed with a multipoint locking system with anti-snap barrels. This elegant addition to any similar home will offer complete security with added insulation value.

Glass Porch Extension In Dublin

Porch Conversions completed under existing canopies using two and there part patio sliding door systems will be completed in two days with minimum disruption to your home. These porches offer the homeowner complete security, reduced heat loss and are great value for such a small investment. Please ask to speak to our previous customers.

Porch Extension Dunboyne DUBLIN

This house in Dunboyne had an existing canopy. We removed part of the brick paving, formed a new floor with a damp-proof membrane, and installed a three-part patio sliding door system.

We added a return window with modern ventilation. The floors were tiled with a non-slip tiling solution. We also installed two down lighters.

Porches In Sutton DUBLIN

This property owner was seeking a completely weather-resistant space that could be used for storage.
The homeowner was extremely security conscious. To ensure absolute energy efficiency, we installed insulated brick with a hipped lean roof. We installed sturdy uPVC gutters, fascia, and soffits.

The reinforced concrete used was painted to blend seamlessly with the existing property.
As security was a concern, we installed Rehau uPVC internally glazed security windows along with a Palladio Composite Security Door to act as the main entrance. The interior was dry-lined with a smooth plaster finish. A storage press was created at the end for everyday items. Down lighters were installed internally and externally. Floors were tiled with a non-slip tile design chosen by the customer.

Porch Extension Baldoyle Dublin

This Porch extension was an addition to a home in the suburb of Baldoyle, Co. Dublin. With its original limed wet-dash finish, the property just needed a small porch extension. We designed and constructed this porch to fit in with the original property. White uPVC windows and doors were supplied by Weatherglaze Designs. A solid roof structure trimmed with white uPVC and shingle sheet roof coverings (all fully insulated) were used externally.

The walls in this porch were cavity constructed and dashed externally to match existing walls. 0ur electrician fitted down-lighters internally and externally. A gas meter at this home had to be moved to allow for the new porch construction. This build was finished in 8 days and, as always, debris was removed and shingle and paving was replaced. The professional couple just had to turn the key.

Porch Extension in Swords DUBLin

This end of terrace home in Swords, Co Dublin had an existing canopy.

We provided a new reinforced base with rising brick walls to match bricks as near as was possible.

This Rosewood double glazed windows and French door arrangement by Weatherglaze was trimmed with white uPVC fascias and soffits. The floor interior was tiled. New lighting was connected to the existing electrical supply. This porch is an example of a neat little extension for a small investment.

Porch Extension in Clontarf DUBLIN

For this Clontarf property, the customer's requirement was to provide added security to the home. Using the existing canopy, this light oak French door and uPVC double glazed window arrangement works very well. The porch walls are constructed with bricks sourced from Outhaus and are almost identical to the ones used in the construction of the original house.

The foundation has been excavated to regulation depth and width and a damp-proof membrane was inserted in the base and walls. The overall porch allows for easy access with an airy open feel.

The existing front door can be opened with the knowledge that you are secure and safe. This type of conversion is very affordable and can be completed in around 4 to 5 days.

Security Porch in Tallaght DUBLIN

This Security Porch was designed and built to complement a modern two-story dwelling. The main concerns for the couple living here were that it complimented their home and was secure.

This construction has a new concrete slab foundation. A-rated white uPVC windows and a Palladio Composite Door were supplied by Composite Door Systems. The Guardian roof is streamlined and robust. The bricks used in the construction of this porch were sourced in Dublin and match the existing walls of the home very well.

When sourcing bricks, it is advisable to remove an original brick from where the new porch will join the house. All the details should be written down and signed off by both parties.

All of our porches are designed to accept double or triple glazed units. This design works very well and can be completed in 7 to 8 days.

Custom Porch In Dunboyne DUBLIN

This porch extension is at a private dwelling in Dunboyne. This porch was constructed by using the existing canopy and then raising the floor level to match the floor in the hall.

The installation of a Palladio composite door provides excellent security. To enhance the light in the porch, we installed a white uPVC double glazed window. The interior walls were dry-lined and finished with two coats of fine plaster.

We  installed internal and external down-lighters in this build to enhance the appearance of the porch.

Have us design the perfect porch for your requirements. get in touch with A. Gilligan Builders today for a free quote today.

Porch in Walkinstown Dublin

This Porch was constructed in St. Conleths Rd in Walkinstown. We demolished an existing aluminium porch and replaced it with cavity brick/block rising walls, white uPVC rehau security glazed windows,28 mm argon gas-filled units, and a Palladio composite door with Georgian design.

We also installed a hipped lean-to roof structure with Guardian Roof coverings, an insulated dry lined interior, tiled non-slip flooring, and interior and exterior low energy lighting. Steps, safety handrails, and a concrete area for bins and seating were also added. This new Porch construction was completed in 10 days. 

Porch Extension Glasnevin Dublin

This Porch extension at St Canices Road, Glasnevin, Co. Dublin offers additional space and security to this detached property. We used a rustic, old-style red brick in the rising cavity insulated walls and installed cream uPVC double glazed windows and a hipped lean-to roof with Guardian roof coverings. The Porch was dry-lined and plastered. We also fitted a Palladio security composite door internally, tiled the floor with tiles of customers choice, fitted low energy down lights internally and security lighting externally.
This job was completed in 10 days as previously agreed with the customers.

Porch Extension Clondalkin Dublin

This Porch extension was an attractive addition to this semi-detached home at Riverdale Road Clondalkin. We used brick to match the existing brick in our cavity wall construction and added a Rosewood uPVC patio slider door and securely glazed windows with a multipoint locking system. We also dry lined and plastered the porch internally with a Canterbury spa dash to match existing structures. The floors in the property were tiled and low-energy downlights were installed. We also installed a security light externally and completed the project in 8 days.


Porch extensions come in many different designs, including fully glazed conservatory type structures, lean-to structures, hip design porches, bricks or blocks built porch structures complimented with uPVC windows in a variety of sizes, colours and designs. We also offer a range of porch accessories including composite or uPVC doors, French doors, sliding doors, and more. These can be incorporated into any design to offer an affordable and practical solution to any design choice, with a variety of roof covering options available, too, including: glass, tiles, slates or synthetics.

Rarely, if ever, do you require planning for a porch while staying within the allowed planning guidelines. Visit the Citizens Information website for information on planning permission. There is always an affordable and practical design choice for patios available for your needs and requirements.

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